2020 Exercise

Jan 1st 2020 Starting off the year with a 2.44 mile walk with my wife this morning. Its about 48 degrees and overcast but a nice walk. I am going to try to keep a log here for this years activities.

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  1. Jo and I walked 1.97 miles this morning. We got out early and had a good walk. My knee was a little sore but not to bad. It was 68 degrees and partly cloudy.

  2. Walked 2.72 miles with my wife this morning. It rained last night and was a humid 75 degrees for our walk.

  3. Morning walk of 1.88 miles with my wife. Its sunny and 55 degrees. Have some mowing and spraying to do today. Not much else. Going to get take out for lunch.

  4. 1.92 miles this morning. 66 degrees and a little overcast. Didn’t see a sole out today just me and Jo.

  5. 2.8 miles yesterday May 1st. Went for a afternoon walk around 6pm. Pretty warm around 82 degrees with clear skys.

  6. 7:30 and 52 degrees Jo and I put in 2.32 mile this morning the sun was out and it was a great day for a morning walk.

  7. Jo and I put in 2.36 miles this morning. The temp was around 61 degrees and clear sky’s . I had to go into work for a few hours and stopped to buy my son some donuts on the way home.

  8. Jo and I had a morning walk and made 1.92 miles. Its about 54 degrees and overcast. They say we’ll get some rain today.

  9. We had almost 2 inches of rain early this morning. Jo and I walked 1.82 miles this morning the sun broke out and we decided to go for it.

  10. A nice cool 57 degrees this morning for our 1.84 mile walk. Its a bit overcast but should clear off by noon hopefully.

  11. Jo and I walked 2.41 miles this afternoon. Its been raining but we took a chance and went anyway. Its been raining off and on all day. Makes for a lazy day but did get some cleaning done.

  12. Jo and I went to Wal-Mart this morning for some things and came home and ate. Went walking and made 2.21 miles and the temp is 46 with a overcast sky

  13. Had a good walk today. 2.46 miles in about 49 degrees and clear skies. I got about thirty yards from my house and some neighbors drove by stopped and we talked for about 20 minutes. I walked for awhile and called Paul another friend that lives nearby and ended up at his house. He had some work he needed help with and I spent another 45 minutes helping him. It took almost two hours to do my usual 40 minute walk.

  14. Jo and I walked 1.85 miles this morning. It was a cool 43 degrees and overcast. We got home had breakfast and then went to wal-mart to get a few things.

  15. 1.73 miles this afternoon. its about 53 degrees today but its not suppose to get as cold as it was yesterday morning at around 34.

  16. 1.11 miles today. I got about 1/2 mile into my walk and the company called and said they had a problem. I had to cut it short and go home and fix it. Its about 39 degrees and cloudy.

  17. 1.69 mile today. Its 52 degrees and I wore to many layers. Ended up taking off my jacket. Other than that it was a good walk today.

  18. 1.83 miles this morning. A little cool 36 degrees and overcast. It was spitting rain this morning when I took Nathan to the bus stop.

  19. 2.41 miles today. 46 degrees and sunny. Jo walked yesterday but I chose to till the garden and go to my brothers house and help set up his email to my email server.

  20. What a great morning to be alive. My wife and I walked 2.4 miles this morning its 37 degrees and it took us about 45 min.
    We walked another 1.4 miles this afternoon.

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    Chilly morning but the sun is out and it looks like it will be a good day. 2.46 mile walk with Jo this morning. 32 degrees out.

  22. Brisk walk today 1.94 miles in 37 degrees. A little overcast but the sun did come out about half way thru the walk. Had a deer follow us from the house for about a mile.

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