2020 Exercise Second Half

I am splitting up the posts so I don’t have one long post. This will be for the second half of 2020.

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  1. Slept in late this morning. But Jo and I walked 1.7 miles. It didn’t cool off much was 81 degrees when we started. Looks to be another hot day.

  2. Going to be a hot day today. Jo and I got a early start and walked 2.89 miles this morning. At that time it was 79 degrees. They are forecasting it to get up to 108 todaty.

  3. Jo is off today or not off but working from home. We got up early and walked 1.74 miles. The sun wasn’t even up but light enough for us to see. About 76 degrees this morning.

  4. Yesterday Jo was off and we got up early to walk 1.75 miles. Had to go to work yesterday and take care of a few problems.

  5. Jo and I had a nice walk this morning. 1.93 miles and its around 75 degrees. Partly cloudy with a chance of rain today.

  6. Jo and I logged 2.81 miles this morning on our walk. It’s 75 degrees and 100 percent humidity. I am cooking out this afternoon and they say it could rain.

  7. Jo and I had a slow start to the day. We walked 2.28 miles and the temp was 75. Made french toast for breakfast.

  8. Jo and I had a nice walk this morning. 1.73 miles and its around 75 degrees. We got home and I cooked up breakfast. Need to water the yard next.

  9. Jo and I walked 1.95 miles this morning. It’s around 78 degrees and semi-cloudy. We didn’t see a single snake.

  10. Attachment

    What we saw this morning on our walk about 100 feet from our driveway. He was about 4 feet long.

  11. July 10th 1.76 miles
    July 11th 3.0 miles
    Today Jo and I walked 1.83 miles. Its overcast and humid but I don’t think it will rain the temp was around 79 this morning..

  12. Jo and I went for our walk this morning. 3.15 miles. It’s sunny and around 79 degrees. I got home and watered the garden and upper back yard.

  13. Jo and I walked 2.39 miles this morning. A cool 79 degrees and overcast. A lot of Sahara dust in the air this weekend.

  14. 1.84 mile walk this morning. The temp is around 75 degrees and partly cloudy. Working on the drive today. Had some edging stones that I laid out to see how much I have to level them out.

  15. Sat 13 2.41 miles walked with Jo and my sister Julie in Bartlesville
    Sun 14 2.21 miles walked with Jo in Bartlesville
    Today 1.94 miles with my wife Jo here at home. Its around 75 degrees already this morning.

  16. Jo and I walked 2.27 miles this morning. I nice 73 degrees and clear skies. Watered the garden and back yard when we got back with not much to do the rest of the day.

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