Rebuilding Servers

May order a new server soon. I am building a proxmox cluster and I have 2 old dells that are no longer cutting it.

I have been working on my proxy server, moving it to another server and installing up to date ubuntu server software. That’s done now to make a good copy of my email server for a backup.

Email Servers

I am playing around with setting up my own email server. I have loaded up Ubuntu 20.04 server on a Virtual Machine and then installed Iredmail as the email server. This is the second on I have set up and it seems to get easier the more I do it. I still have a problem with access the web interface over the internet but I am still working on it.

Tech in Your Life

How has technology changed your life? Well that really depends on how old you are. For someone that has grown up in the last twenty years its not so much. But for someone older that can remember a time before cell phones quit a bit.

My father was born in 1935 and he past in 2017. He didn’t have a email account or a computer even. There was one in the house but he couldn’t even turn it on and log in. I was born in 1957 and my first computer I bought was in 1995. I have slowly worked my way up to IT manager for my company and have seen the advancement and rolls the technology has had in the world. Well my world which is pretty limited compared to the rest of the world.

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Old Phone Is Going Out On Me

My old S5 samsung phone is slowly giving up the ghost. I am ordering a refurbished s10 5g to replace it. I don’t have 5g service yet but why not get a 5g phone as the service should be here in the next year or so. As I have to get a phone might as well get one that has the new service. Verizon has said that I can keep my current plan and not go to the unlimited plan until I have the service in my area. I should have the phone on Monday.

System Crash this Weekend

I got home Friday afternoon to find my websites were not working. It looked like my proxy server was not serving my web sites behind it. They all were up and running but I could not access them. When I did a nslookup I found that a old cert for a nonworking web site was being served to all five of my sites. So all the sites were severed to the closest thing to the old cert. Nothing I did seemed to correct the problem so I thought maybe a update to python or another component was the cause. It was easy enough to delete the VM and reinstall it. Finally Sunday morning after I installed the server blocks on the Nginx reverse proxy did everything come back up and start working.

System Crash Last Week

Last week I noticed my web pages were down. As I started looking into it I found that the reverse proxy server had a big problem. All four pages was down and as I dug deeper into the problem I decide to redo all my pages and set up a new Virtual Server. I then looked at what I had and decided to convert my other server to a virtual server. I have my reverse proxy server up and one of my web sites up to where it was. The other three will be coming up in some form or another in the next few week as I have time to work on them.

I have installed Proxmox on both of my servers and I am using Ubuntu 18.04 for the web servers. I am setting up nginx on top of Ubuntu as my reverse proxy. Proxmox has a lot of features that I am learning. I am not sure I will stick with it or try some of the other Virtual Machines out there. I am also looking at setting up a virtual router with Pfsense. I have had it set up and played with it but right now I am not comfortable putting it into service. I am sure it will come into service soon.

Buyer Beware

Now I buy a lot of equipment on ebay. I have spent a lot of money there. I have made some good deals and for the most part almost all my purchases have been good. Most of them! I have been burned a few time but the out come was I was reimbursed for my purchases. Today someone tried to swindle me again. I found a SYNOLOGY
DS1815+ Nas drive on ebay for a good deal for a used unit. Not great mind you but still a good deal. I read this description of the item.

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