Texas Dems who fled state sue Gov. Abbott for trying to bring them back: ‘Discomfort and embarrassment’

By Emma Colton

Nearly two dozen Texas House Democrats who fled the state last month have sued Gov. Greg Abbott and other Republican officials, alleging that GOP efforts to bring them back to the state Capitol for a special legislative session infringed on their constitutional rights. 

The 22 plaintiffs have been “deprived of liberty for substantial periods of time, suffered much anxiety and distress over separation from their families, and much discomfort and embarrassment,” the complaint filed late Friday alleges. 

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Gun Sale Surge Tied to 2020 Riots

By Brian Trusdell 

Rep. Richard Hudson said last year’s record number of firearms sales in the United States was directly attributable to the Black Lives Matter riots and mayhem that engulfed American cities and resulted in at least 25 deaths.

Appearing on Newsmax TV Tuesday, the North Carolina Republican said it was not surprising that federal background checks exclusively related to the sale of firearms reached 21 million in 2020, a 60% increase over the previous year.

“Every night on Newsmax, I see cities burning,” Hudson said on “Spicer & Co.” “I see people looting and rioting. I see the “defund the police movement gaining steam. Of course law-abiding American citizens, fearful for the safety of themselves and their family, are taking legal measures to protect themselves. It just makes sense.”

“But you notice in the communities that have increased gun sales, you don’t have increased crime. It’s also true with concealed carry (laws). As you see more concealed carry permits in a state, we’ve actually seen crime decrease. And so, law-abiding citizens taking care of themselves is not a bad thing.”

Hudson’s comments came following his denouncement of two bills in the House of Representatives that would further restrict runs of gun owners, including one that would lengthen the waiting period to purchase a firearm from three days to 10 and give the FBI the discretion to indefinitely suspend the sale.

“By extending the wait period from three days to 10, but then allowing the FBI to hold it indefinitely, that, to me, is just very sinister, and very scary,” he said. “Because a future administration could basically stop all gun sales by using this new law. It’s terrible.

With one of the bills calling for “universal background checks,” Hudson claimed that the justification for the two bills, which Democrats say is to prevent mass shootings, is bogus.

“They sound reasonable until you realize the fact that every commercial gun sale in America today requires a background check,” Hudson said. “And neither one of these bills would have stopped a single mass shooting that’s occurred in this country. What these bills do is target law-abiding citizens.”

He said requiring the same background check for private firearms transfers is pointless.

“Because there is no harm done,” Hudson said. “There’s been no mass shootings because I sold a gun to Sean Spicer, or a friend of mine, or someone I know.”

California’s Demise:

Robin Smith · Sep. 7, 2020

An elderly gent in California made a comment that sadly captures the mood in the nation’s biggest state: “In California these days, you can’t tell whether mask wearers are fighting the virus, the smoke, or the police.”

In the Golden State, once the destination of men and women looking to achieve the American Dream, the opportunity for fame and fortune has been replaced by high taxes and a diminishing quality of life. According to Rich States, Poor States, a “comprehensive report that ranks the economic competitiveness of states using 15 equally weighted policy variables” published by economists Arthur Laffer and Stephen Moore, California has long been on the wrong path for economic success, and its troubles are growing in the midst of this COVID crisis.

California rates as the worst state for its burdensome “progressive” personal income tax, its bottom 10 corporate tax, and its massive regulatory load (including laws hostile to right to work along with the incredible environmental red tape that has led to massive wildfires). The combination means the Golden State is a tarnished counterfeit of its previous self.

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COVID-19 UCLA Study 1 in 19 Million Chance of Dying:

Average person without wearing a mask or social distancing 1 in 3,836 chance of getting infected

Average Persons between 50 – 64 years old 1 in 852,000 chance of being hostpitalized

Risk of dying in car crash 1 in 114

But look at the Democratic Cities that are still enforcing lockdowns. Look at what they are doing to the people and businesses trying to survive. These are the same cities that will ask the federal government for bailouts because they kept their cities locked down.

President Trump

The things President Trump has turned upside down sense he took office will be felt for years to come. He has forced the Democrats to come out for what they really want America to be. He has force China out in the open to what they are doing to the world. Look at what the Democrats have stooped to, to try to remove a sitting President from office! We have not seen this much deception from one party to another in the history of our country. And for what? To keep enough power to push their socialist agenda forward? To align our country more with the way China is run? There is only one choice in November. To try and push back on the socialist and return our country to a constitutionalist Republic we need to vote out as many Democrats and Socialist as possible. We need to elect as many Constitutional Republicans as we can. If we don’t and the country keeps going the way it is right now. We the American People will step up. We are the majority, the patriots the silent. It takes a lot to make us stand up against evil. But stand up we will even if its against our fellow misguided Americans.